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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing allows you to identify where the weak-points in your security are. It is considered best practice by numerous ISO standards and as a requirement of business by PCI-DSS, FCA and other regulatory bodies to have a Penetration Test carried out at least annually by a competent, and independent external third party.

Conducting Penetration Testing against your people, processes and technology will gain you an insight into how well security operates throughout your business and how well they are able to withstand an attack.Penetration testing simulates a real cyber-attack with the purpose of testing an environment’s cyber security posture. At its most basic, a successful pen test will prove how genuine the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure may be by determining if a threat actor can get through. Our penetration testing goes much further than a typical vulnerability scan, utilizing advanced manual techniques to further investigate and eliminate the false positives that are common within an automated scan.

Our Penetration Testing portfolio includes

Infrastructure  Attackers can lie undetected in your network for months, giving them access to a wealth of sensitive company data. It’s therefore vital that you review your network thoroughly and regularly.

Web application – Web applications often communicate directly with your internal database and can provide a way into your internal systems for malicious hackers.

Mobile application – With a surge in mobile application development, and developers under time pressure to provide new functionality, attacks and breaches have dramatically increased.

Database security  Database testing is vital if you rely on the security of the information held within your databases, or have concerns relating to security compliance.

ICS  The threat against Industrial Control Systems, SCADA, and Critical National Infrastructure has never been greater. Are you doing all you can to protect your systems?

IoT – Connected devices can often be insecure and can provide a way in for hackers. Testing needs to be incorporated throughout the development cycle as well as before adoption.

Wireless  If an attacker can gain access onto any of the wireless networks within your business (even the ones you don’t know about), they can begin to target internal systems.

Security Assessment

With the ever-increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, it’s never been more important to identify potential risks to our business, and to determine your cyber security preparedness.

Our security assessment portfolio includes:

  • Configuration & build reviews
  • Social engineering
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Information disclosure (OSINT)
  • Source code review
  • Physical security
  • Cyber Essentials